There is no doubt about the importance of multidisciplinary research and the creation of a big Faculty that includes Biological and Medical science opens the door to collaborations that could lead to new discoveries as well as answers to scientific questions from an innovative perspective. Networking is essential for building these collaborations. Ines Hahn and Hamish Gilbert, both postdocs and research representatives in FBMH, organised the first Postdoc meeting of the newly formed Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health.

The meeting took place on the 5th of October with the aim of exploring what the common interests and problems of postdocs are.

During the meeting it was agreed that postdocs would like to have a space where they could get to know other postdocs, create links for collaborations, discuss career pathways, and work through technical problems.

“These informal meetings are great for networking”

“It is good to meet other postdocs; they might have the answer to the technical problem you have been battling with”

The next meeting, “Let’s talk about Fellowships” will take place on the 23rd of November, Postgrad Hub 3rd floor Stopford Building


You can keep an eye to the new coming meetings in the Facebook page