Monthly Shut Up and Write Sessions (repeated event) – First Wednesday of every month.

Next event – 3rd Feb, 1:30 – 3:30pm. Book here:



If you’re not familiar with Shut Up and Write (SUAW), it’s essentially a free, informal event in which researchers come together for a set amount of time and write. It’s sometimes hard to just sit down and write for a long period of time. Our sessions are highly structured and are run using the Pomodoro technique in which we write for 25 minutes at a time. We also set aside time to develop personal writing goals and have short, scheduled breaks in-between writing sessions (sometimes with free snacks) to help keep you motivated.

Note: This event is ideal for writing first draft material. It is not for editing, revising, preparing presentations etc. Bear in mind that sections such as findings, results, discussions and conclusions are better suited to being written during SUAW sessions than heavily referenced sections.

This event is open to all PGRs and research staff from all faculties. Space is limited so please book your place. If you have any questions please contact Dr Eljee Javier (