INCITE 19 — due out September 2015 — will explore the importance of equality and diversity in the researcher community. Silke Conen, lead editor, says:

Working in an academic setting traditionally ensures working in and with diverse communities; people with different backgrounds and experiences create an environment that can improve learning and enrich research and employment experiences. This, however, is predicated on the notion that all groups are treated equally while their specific needs are respected. This provides unique challenges and opportunities for today’s universities.

In this issue of Incite we examine barriers regarding Equality and Diversity that can be encountered in academic settings. We do so with a focus on overcoming these barriers by examining what the University does to advance Equality and Diversity and by highlighting those areas where support and assistance can be found. We are particularly proud to share conversations with three inspiring researchers about their experiences regarding gender and disability equality and hope that their insight will add to an important conversation about diversity in academia.

For this issue, we had tremendous amount of help from several researchers, the E&D team, and Vitae. We’d like to thank them all for their input into this issue. We hope you find this issue an inspiring and informative read!