You may have heard of the University Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Club which explores how the claims of hardware vendors faced up to real world research codes, whether on GPUs, Xeon Phi Coprocessors, Field-programmable gate arrays (PFGA), multi-core processors or some new, emerging technology.

Born out of this, University of Manchester researchers are now inviting people to submit a short abstract for the upcoming Emerging Technology ‘EMiT’ conference here in Manchester on Tuesday, 30 June and Wednesday, 1 July.

EMiT will bring together key figures from across international computing communities, end users of new software & hardware in industry and academia. There will also be stalls from a range of vendors.

We invite submission of abstracts on emerging technologies & techniques for addressing the following objectives:

  • Identify latest trends in hardware development for novel computing;
  • Share how best to exploit emerging technologies for application;
  • Focus on new techniques, their development and transfer to new areas.

Deadline for submission: Monday, 19 January 2015. Abstracts will be peer reviewed and authors will be notified of acceptance to give a 15 minute talk at the conference.

Confirmed Keynote speakers:

  • Prof Stephen Furber, The University of Manchester, “SpiNNaker and Human Brain Project”
  • Prof Laura Grigiori, INRIA, “Communication avoiding algorithms”
  • John Linford, ParaTools, “Kppa: A high performance source code generator for chemical kinetics”
  • Filippo Mantovani, Mont Blanc project, “High performance computing based on mobile embedded processors”

The conference fee of £150 includes conference dinner and stalls including vendors such as Intel and NVIDIA.

Please send questions to these to emit@manchester.ac.uk.

Visit http://emit.manchester.ac.uk  for further details on aspects of this cross-disciplinary conference.