Mentoring is all about following in someone else’s footsteps. Someone who has had the kind of success you would like to achieve one day. My mentor has been great in giving me new perspectives and ideas that are helping me move in the direction I want to. They’ve done it all before and it’s great to go to someone you can really trust; someone whose opinion really matters. –PDRA, EPS

The first coaching session was a revelation, not to be overdramatic about it! Whenever I explained why I couldn’t achieve something, I was challenged to explain why exactly that would be. It made me realise that I was thinking nothing was possible, without ever really finding out whether that assumption was true. Challenging your assumptions is a big part of coaching, and it really helped. It’s a technique I can hopefully use in the future. My coach also helped me realise what different possibilities there were here at the University – that I don’t necessarily have to follow the formula: that I could try and design my own job a bit better.  Not happy with something? Could you try and change that? Yes, I realised. I think I might be able to. I came out with a whole new perspective on the world. –PDRA, EPS

For more info on the differences between mentoring or coaching, check out issue 16 of Incite!