Issue 15 of Incite is ready and should be landing on a coffee table/news stand near you, packed with relevant information and updates! Our lead article covers the Researcher Led Initiatives, which includes the RSA led project to extend access of research staff to University e-infrastructures and the recently held Manchester Mini Sandpit. If you are interested in engaging with your research staff community and expanding your skill set, this issue provides details  on how to do just that through Post-Doctoral Research Staff Representatives/Ambassadors. We also extend a warm invitation to join our team and become and Incite editor, including enticing quotes from editors past and present! We also take a closer look at research staff contracts through an informative interview with Pam Thompson, the membership and organising secretary for UMUCU, in addition to presenting a first-hand perspective on 3 month extended notice periods.

We hope you enjoy the issue, which can be accessed by clicking on the link to the left. As always, if we are not covering the topics that are important to you please let us know by sending an e-mail to

Kate Meade, EPS