Incite teamed up with the Research Staff Association and won the University’s Researcher-Led Initiatives Competition 2012. The winning proposal aims to hold a ‘Manchester Mini Sandpit’ event. Sandpits are often organised by funding bodies to facilitate research grant applications. A sandpit is an interactive workshop involving a highly multidisciplinary mix of participants, some being active researchers and some being potential users of research outcomes, to drive lateral thinking and radical approaches to addressing particular research challenges (see e.g. EPSRC).

The Manchester Mini Sandpit event will provide researchers with training in developing research proposals and working collaboratively in an interdisciplinary environment. Focussing on a theme relevant to Greater Manchester, it will also help to raise awareness of social responsibility and the impact that such collaborations can have on issues concerning the local community.

The event will be held in autumn 2012 and is open for all research staff across all four faculties of the University. We’ll post more details and the event date here when these are available.