Did you know that Incite is a direct result of opinions given in the 2006 Careers in Research Online Survey (CROS)?

The new look 2009 survey maps to the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers, allowing each university to chart its progress in implementing the Concordat. In 2009 a total of 280 University of Manchester research staff completed the survey. CROS was completed by 6083 research staff across the UK, which means Manchester contributed 4.6% of the overall survey responses from a total of 52 universities!

November 2006 was the date of the last CROS and the 2006 action plan triggered a range of developments directly impacting on researchers: a dedicated Research Staff Careers Consultant; bespoke training and development programmes in each faculty; the Incite newsletter; and an annual research staff conference. In addition, the University improved its system of contacting research staff and reviewed and changed the P&DR process.

What happens next? Representatives from the Faculty Researcher Development Teams, HR, Careers and Staff Training & Development are drafting an action plan of how the key issuesfrom the survey can be addressed. Faculty Researcher Development Teams would like research staff to contribute to this action planning process – for details of how this will work in your faculty, contact your local team (see Contacts on back page). The CROS action plan will be discussed by the Associate Deans for Graduate Education over the coming months who will confirm the final actions and then it will be all systems go!

Incite has been given a preview of some of the initial plans for the next year or so that will be developed in response to CROS 2009.

1. An online mentoring and coaching resource to clarify how to develop a mentoring or coaching relationship and its benefits.

2. Active encouragement of research staff to input into school and faculty decision making processes.

3. Review and discuss existing HR processes, with a view to clarify and improve support for:

• Recruitment and selection – with common standards across the University

• Research Staff induction – to help people settle into new roles

• Academic promotion and progression – making it clear what is expected from Research Staff at different career stages

• Performance & Development Reviews – creating a supportive culture and useful review meetings

• End-of-contract support – explaining redeployment options.

Your opinions count – thank you very much for taking the time to complete CROS. If you didn’t complete the survey but have an opinion to share, contact your Faculty Researcher Training Team – they’re always pleased to hear from you!