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On September 26, the second annual Source Event, organised by Naturejobs, took place in London, bringing together jobseekers and employers for a day of discussion and debate with high-profile scientists. The event aimed to inspire and further the pursuit of science careers in the UK and Europe.

The day was split into three separate streams of talks, to accommodate delegates at different stages of their careers. Careers workshops were run throughout the day, with various exhibitors, representing a wide range of industries and institutions from Cancer Research UK to Nature Publishing and University College London, hoping to attract the attention of the 2000 delegates present at the event.

In the Graduate stream, aimed at those just beginning their careers in science, Martyn Poliakoff, Research Professor in Chemistry at the University of Nottingham, gave a talk on choosing a mentor. His advice included: ‘Never collaborate or work with someone you don’t like from the beginning – things will only get worse!’ and he provided some useful pointers on how to choose between small and large research groups.

The Post-doctoral stream targeted those currently doing a post-doc. Bernd Pulverer, Chief Editor of Nature Cell Biology, gave guidance on how to get published, providing an insight into what editors look for in papers and how to ensure your research makes it into the top journals. He talked of the value of a strong publication record and highlighted the measures that need to be taken to avoid plagiarism and manipulation of images.

The Non-traditional Science Careers stream was aimed at scientists at all stages in their careers who are thinking about moving away from the academic structure. Simon Frantz, Online Educational Editor for the Nobel Foundation, communicated the importance of networking for those interested in a career in science journalism.

He described how those scientists no longer interested in working at the bench but who still have the desire to be involved in scientific research can do so by working in science writing and journalism. Look out for podcasts featuring speakers and delegates from the event, which will be available later in the year: http://www.source-event.com